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Our guide to wooden floors

With so many options in wood flooring we wouldn't be very useful if we wouldn't help you understand the diference. You would first need to understand what type of floor you are after: solid wood or engineered wood? Solid wood might not always be possible as it does depend more where it will be layed and in engineered wood there are so many options that you must be able to find something to your liking. So how to make the best decision?

Step 1

Location, Location, Location matters when it comes to all things property wise so no exemption for flooring. Where will the floor be placed? in the Hall way (high traffic, dirt, moist) or maybe in the Bathroom (lots of water and moist air) or will it be the Kitchen (traffic and moist) or maybe just the Bedroom (low traffic). Probably you want wood flooring in all of them then if you want the floors to match you do need to select on the toughest delimiter out there.

Step 2

What is under need? Will the floor be placed on a concrete slab or haning over floor boards? Is the floor it self level or would you need something the level the floor first. Can the wood ventilate and breathe or will it be sealed in? All these criteria will point you either towards solid wood or a specific engineered wood for the problem at hand.

Step 3

Looks! Besides colour, wooden floors have many different factors influencing the looks, such as: the pattern, broadness of the planks, grain depth, lacquer type used and the tree it is from. Only once you've done step 1 and 2 should you make a selection on the looks. This way you guarantee yourself that you will be able to place the flooring you want in the disired location.

Step 4

Seek advice. As you can see this whole process might be a bit daunting so having an expert on your side make the process so much easier and plesant. In the end someone will have to lay the floor anyhow so better seek a helping hand as soon as possible as the right wooden floor expert can assit you with selecting the floor you want.